All throughout this past week, spring has been treating us to lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. My feet have never been more excited to be wearing sandals again. Luckily our little taste of spring continued into the weekend for the big fieldtrip to Beaujolais.

The day began in Oingt-en-Beaujolais, a picturesque medieval town that dates back to the 15th century. The limestone used in most of the buildings contains iron oxide, so everything has a pretty, golden tint to it. The unique color combined with the shutters by the windows, the flower baskets hanging off of the windowsills, and the cobblestone streets make the village look like it came directly from the setting of Cinderella. The town is also a bit elevated in the Valley of Azergues, so views of the surrounding rolling hills of wine country are pretty spectacular.



La Vallée d’Azergues


La Vallée d’Azergues

My favorite part of the day was the hike from Oingt to Theizé. I was expecting a walk along the road, but we literally hiked through the hills and vineyards. Some things just feel “once-in-a-lifetime,” and that hike was one of them.


After lunch in Theizé, we walked a little further to the Château de Rapetour. I know that I say incredible a lot, but this château was incredible. It was built primarily in the 16th century, but the inside was decorated in classic 18th century style, with lots of tapestries, paintings, delicately upholstered furniture, and a “curiosity room” as well.

Le Château de Rapetour 
The Music Room
The Hunting Room 
The Curiosity Room

The day finished with a little picnic in the gorgeously green front yard. The man that owns the château also owns the surrounding vineyards, and was nice enough to let us taste some of the wine that he makes right there. It often feels like we are shuffled from one place to the next, so I really enjoyed the time to relax in the grass, soaking up some sunshine, and really enjoying such awe-inspiring views. This place epitomizes what people think of when they hear “French wine country,” and I feel very fortunate to have been there on such a gorgeous, “once-in-a-lifetime” day.





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