The Grand Adventure Part III

The final stop for the week was Italy. We flew from Berlin to Milan, and spent one day there before moving on to Genoa, and finally, back to Lyon. In 2015, Milan hosted the Expo, kind of like the World’s Fair, so there were A LOT of people there. It was overcrowded and a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure it would have been better if I wasn’t so exhausted from living out of a suitcase for a week. The best part was the big cathedral, Il Duomo.



Il Duomo

After one day in Milan, we took a train to Genoa, the largest seaport in Italy. The best part of the city was the Old Harbor (Porto Antico) area. There are lots of old restaurants and little shops to explore. My favorite was a place called L’Aria del Mare, a small shop with locally made ceramics. Everything they had was beautiful.

We also visited St. Lawrence Cathedral. The outside is rather plain, but as soon as you go inside, the paintings and gold trim of the walls and ceilings is stunning. Every cathedral and church that I have seen in Europe has been gorgeous, and St. Lawrence was no exception.






And thus concludes all of the traveling from my first semester in Europe. I saw a lot, and have no regrets; however, I would not recommend cramming so much into such a small period of time. To really enjoy each place, it is better to spend more than one day in each place. With that in mind, I have been planning some trips for the spring semester, and am very excited for what’s in store!


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